Friday, May 04, 2007

My heart is broken!

The CW has announced that gilmore girls will not return for a 8th season! My friend Natalie texted me last night to tell me the horrible news. Just because I was mad at them didn't mean I didn't want stolen peaks into their lives. Just because Chris and Lor broke up, and she was heading towards Luke and I didn't approve didn't mean just knowing they were out there was enough.

I'll never get to see Rory get married. I'll never get to see Steve and Kwan grow up. I was so sure that Zack would go on tour for two months and that would turn into something huge for him and Lane. What about Sookie's third child? All these things cannot be wrapped up in two one hour episodes. It worse than someone dying - a whole town is dying. (Again aware of the fact that these characters are fictional and that I could write out their life anyway I want!)

Please CW reconsider - throw some money at this situation - whatever it takes!


Chiara said...

I am always sad when they make quick decisions to cancel shows and don't tie up the loose ends.

Kath W said...

I'm really going to miss this show. : ( Stupid, stupid people in charge who made this decision.