Monday, April 30, 2007

Super fun shopping weekend!

This past weekend was so much shopping! We started Saturday morning by driving to Leesburg VA to the Paris Flea Market where I got to meet Amy , my creative super hero. OH my her booth had so much fun stuff that I had to have, a beautiful apron, some french rubber stamps, the roll of wishes (I really needed those, how many times have you just needed one wish), a magic wand cause sometimes wishes don't come true and then you need magic, a travel size of glitter, cause into each day a little glitter must fall, and one of the flower girls kits. What a great event! I loved everyone there! Then we hit some of the other stores in leesburg (lou lou,) where I got lucchese boots and they are so beautiful. Then went to Tusky's for dinner and mojitos (my favorite!) - delish!! Finished off the night at the super cool leesburg outlets.

Sunday was the Scrapbook Flea Market, got lots of goodies and then finished out the day by going to a Southern Living party.

Now I just got to work all week to pay for it!

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browneyedgirl said...

Awwwww, man, I am soooo jealous.
What did I do?
NADA, well I guess my aunt Verena came down to have brunch and look at the house. Chose some color samples for the concrete.
But I would have much rather been shopping with you...

Miss you,