Monday, March 14, 2011

way too long

after 6 months of not one word, this could either be a novella or super brief.  The long and short is Facebook, blogging fell to the FB side.  But FB does not allow me the freedom to just drone on and on...  so maybe I am back. 

all is well, I have some great stories to share.  But it's late - I'm only even up this late cause of DST. 

Upcoming blog posts are Things I hate, Gearing up for spring yard Sales,  my very deep and symbolic dream, royal wedding(or am I the only one who has contemplated taking off April 29 from work to watch it in all it's morning suit glory?).  If anyone is actually reading this comment about which one you would like to read first. 


Peggy Houston, TX said...

I'm all about the wedding too... blog on! Glad you're back on the blog.

erwin said...

Thank’s ,This is really a great post .It clear’s most of my doubt’s . and I hope people would love it too.