Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everything really is as good as you want it to be!!

Today is my birthday - boatloads of people over on FB have told me so.  So I woke up in the middle of the night and do what midle aged people do went to the bathroom.  I thought to myself - 30 Freakin 8.  (Yes I don't even cuss when I talk to myself.)  But then I started to wake up a bit and I thought wait I was born in '73 and this is 2010 so that's only 37.  Wow 37 - that's young.  That is the new 27!  I have lots of life left.  And at that moment, I realized that is pretty much how I look at my whole life.  37 is good because I could be 38.

I spent the next two hours from 1am to 3am, thinking about all my problems and then finding the bright side.  Not married - ah no dirty socks to pick up.  Small house - ah less to clean!  Old car - ah low insurance! Rambunctious child - ah happy and healthy!

Speaking of child, Is she not the most adorable girl you have seen?  Oh and I spent the rest of my awake time picking out birthday gifts for myself on Etsy.  I can always spend time there finding great stuff. 

Happy Birthday indeed! 


Glo said...

37 is YOUNG! Still a pup...I long for the carefree days of 40 is not so bad. They say it's the new 30 so I'll take it! Have a wonderful year, friend!

Jorge Gabriel C2 said...

Have a great one...

Niki said...

Happy Birthday!
Diasy looks more and moer like you every day.