Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Quick update!

The labor day weekend was very fun and went by much too fast. Miss Daisy has started on the level 2 born free bottle - big step in her 3 month old life. She also rolls back to front, front to back and if I would permit right on down the road! According to the books, if she would just do a raspberry she would be all caught up!

Friday I made a big list of all the things I wanted to accomplish - and got straight to work dying a chenille bedspread a lovely shade of pink. I plan to use the fabric for a Boppy cover and for a coat for Daisy. I then proceeded to do nothing else on the aforementioned list the rest of the weekend. On Thuesday my wonderful friend Mel sent me flowers to the office - the yellow roses tipped in orange with Daisy - so cute and fallish. It was a great almost surprise. She called to verify the office address when I was covering phones - it so surprised her that I answered she just talked to me.

Saturday, we all went shopping and I finally checked out the Pink Cabbage in Ellicott City. This store is awesome! It has tons and tons of shabby chic treasures. We must have walked around for an hour. I purchased a business card case handmade using my Vera Bradley pattern (Pinwheel Pink in case you were wondering), a pink flamingo, 5 magazines for $1.00 each and a dish that you write on. We lunched at the little general store next door. We even tried the fried pickles - yummy. We also had lettuce wraps from PF Changs takeout for dinner!!

Sunday Grammie and name yet to be determined (we are letting Daisy decide what to call her own remaining grandfather) came up for a visit.

Monday, I relaxed around the house. Watched Disk 2 of The Big Bang Theory and I have to say I adore Sheldon - he is soo soo funny.

Mark the calendar - I even did a little scrapbooking.

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Niki said...

Post pictures of the coat from a bedspread; i just can't imagine it.