Sunday, August 02, 2009

My mind is just flowing with cool stuff!

I'll make a list:
.5 I know you'll ask first about this - baby Daisy is doing wonderfully, right now she is snoozing in the swing I think I have about 5 more minutes. She is a great sleeper, a great eater, a great smiler, and I count my blessings every 5 (1) minute. This is her on her 2 month birthday or 2 month anniversary - I am not sure what to call it when you are counting the months!

1. Tomorrow is my fabulous friend Fran's birthday! I have lots of treats planned and I am so excited.
2. yesterday I went to a great store in Waldorf called Time and Again Antiques and this girl has some great stuff at great prices. Very shabby chic! I would definately plan to hit there if you are in the area - or plan a trip - hit the quilt store in LaPlata on the same day.
3. I also went to Jane's to check out the new Stampin Up stuff - there is some great new stuff in the catalog.
4. We finished the day by going to the Moonlight Madness at Once Upon A Child in Crofton. Madness is was - get a load of this!! They advertised a sale that increased in discounts as the day progressed - I went about 9pm really to kind of get a feel for what was left and what is the rock bottom price. Well the system was confusing - green and orange tags (but must be summer clothes) were clearance for $1.00. I started going through and not much was speaking to me and I was tired so I just picked out one little top for next summer. I ring up. At the counter, I notice a sign that says 10-3pm - 60% off, 3-8pm - 75% off at 8-11pm everything is 1.00. I get to the car and realize that my 1.50 little tank top would have been cheaper earlier in the day. I go back into the store and speak to a manager owner type man and he says yes it is true that I would have paid less earlier. I explain that the ad in the pennysaver where I heard about said "SALE" did not explain it that way. He says we have been doing it this way for 6 years. I say Can I just return it - because it is going to irritate me every time I look at it. He says yes, I wait and then the woman cashier starts talking about all this info I have to give to do a return (oh hear is the kicker part - he says to me "Normally clearance merchandise is non returnable but I am not going to debate you." Debate ME - he was not going to debate me because can you imagine the uproar I would have created in this store at 9:30 at night when I started explaining to everyone in line their policy!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I say just forget it I'll keep the (explective under my breath) shirt. He also explains that for 3 WEEKS before summer stuff was 50% off (so understand this - 3 weeks ago, NOT late at night, NOT a saturday night) I would have paid .25 cents less for this item! I was so aggravated by this. I can't say I will never go back but I certainly! will start questioning their prices and their policies by telephone before I step into the store. OH and just in case you want to sell something to them - be prepared for how little they will offer you - .07 cents to less than 2.00 for brand new stuff with tags on it! SHAME on Once Upon a Child in Crofton MD!
Gotta run - she is still sleeping - I must have worn her out with all that running around yesterday!! We are having some guests this afternoon and I AM still in my jammies.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh you're both doing marvellously - how great a mom are you! So happy you're enjoying!

Karen Yoho said...

we were the guests and Daisy is a QTPIE!!!! Thanks Megan and Darlene for letting us come by and hug! And Mary Alyce loves her art supplies. The perfect gift for my little Picasso.