Thursday, August 20, 2009

I had this thought and had to save it.

What everyone says is true - the minute they put that baby in your arms - all parts of pregnancy and labor become a distant memory - and you feel as though your life began at that moment!

I know that I did actually have a life prior to Daisy - there are remnants of it, my car is the same (although now I have an infant car seat and a mirror which I am supposed to see her since she rides backwards but usually what I see is either darkness or the roof of said car) and my office is the same. But I am not the same - I am the mommy! I am the magic fairy princess who makes smiles appear and while she is too little for real tears so crying disappear. I am the woman who is planning her first Halloween costume in August and her first holiday outfits (casual dress is done, fancy dress and jammies are still on the list) and yes I have even given thoughts to her first birthday - just 280 days away. I give thought to the fact that this time last year we were conceiving her, but that seems a lifetime ago.

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heatherbell said...

while you are planning the Christmas card and the birthday invitation, just remember to snuggle and enjoy every minute of today... I would give anything to snuggle just one more time with my powdery scented little soft babies!