Monday, January 16, 2012

almost a YEAR with no posts - that's truly sad.

I'm a little surprised I knew the password.  Just read my last post - funny thing - I went to Return to Oz yesterday.  If your a bargain shopper - I highly recommend it!  Now that I have a 2.5 year old, I like it more, yes the great clothes - but there are toys in every room!!  Coloring books and crayons, and just little toys so your kids aren't in the next room. 

Which brings me to what is on my mind now - the adventure of life with a 2.5 yo.  Last night, at about 9:15, (we'd had a very late dinner) Daisy, decides to climb up the outside of the stair railing - so she is about 6 feet off the ground - saying "look at me, Mommy, look at me".  I come out of the kitchen and look up to find her.  My blood pressure instantly rose.  It ended fine.  Please Lord, watch over her and me. 


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