Thursday, April 23, 2009

The first yard sale day of the season!

Last Saturday yard sale season kicked off with a bang as the Pennysaver sponsored their Spring yard sale at the Bowie Baysox stadium. Ernie opted not to be around and I was a little worried to go by myself. I borrowed Mrs Brown's wire cart from Fran and I was out the door by 6:55 am and lined up at about 7:35am. (yes earlier than a work day) I had comfy shoes, my yard sale hip purse filled with ones and quarters and I was excited. My first find was a dishwasher bottle rack, $1.00. I found a lady with baby books and toys, and a pink mixing bowl. I found the lady who sells the cleaning products and toiletries for cheap - stocked up on stuff there. I was tired by the end - but excited about my purchases and so happy to have had my cart.

I hit two more small sales (one had onesies for .25). I found one more at a church in their sports field (again so happy to have the cart) - more baby stuff. And I called it a day - final expenditures $40.00. I stopped at the scrapbook store where all budgeting went out the window - two pieces of paper, and two small packs of embellishments $8.00, I splurged on a magazine called Oh Baby for $17.95 (after yardsaling all morning - that seemed outrageous). I finished the morning at chik fil a with a chicken sandwich, french fries, a sweet tea and A MILKSHAKE!!

I spent the rest of the day relaxing, sorting out all the baby stuff into where you will need it, (you know food stuff in the pantry) and bath stuff together to put in the bathroom, and getting an idea of what I still need. I may have even taken a nap. It was a perfect start to what I hope will be another fun yard sale season.

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