Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Whole Birthday Month

The whole month of July was one big birthday celebration for me! It started by having Fran put flowers on my desk on July 1st. The fourth was quiet - the 7th horrible but I have chosen not to dwell (I'll save it for another post) and then the 14th - my actual birthday was tons of fun! This is a shot of me at the shower, with one of the awesome presents that I received.

We threw a surprise baby shower for my wonderful friend Gaby, her hubby Greg and their new little buddle Samuel.

Then the end of the month, Mel came from Seattle for a visit and to attend CKC in Valley Forge. We managed to hook up with a bunch a friends from Jersey and Long Island and never laughed so hard. Barbie and Susan are hilarious. "Would you like a piece of gum? (for that dragon breath of yours?) We also managed to check out Sunday in the Country and promptly fell more in love with Trace Adkins. We both downloaded a bunch of his songs to our Ipods.
All in all, a great birthday month!!!!!!!!

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